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Love the app

Quick and convenient


I think it’s BS that we are charged a convenience fee to use the app to purchase tickets 😀

Love it

Very convenient to buy tickets and see what movies are playing. Recommend muchly

First timer blues

Decided to use the Fandango app to make things easier, but it back fired. Ordered three tickets and saw the transaction run on my card. Got the verification # and it was for two instead of three. Contacted customer service and they stated my card did not run. Told me to make the purchase again and would not help me resolve the real issue. 😑😑😑 So much for taking the easy route.


Fandango is terrible! Terrible customer service! Terrible ‘convenience’ fees! Terrible ads FOR ads! I’ve had Fandango for YEARS AND YEARS and never really had a problem until now. Yeah, the pop-up ads had become more aggressive and annoying and yeah, the convenience fees were getting kind of out of hand and yeah, I still had to show my phone or card after waiting in a line I paid a convenience fee to avoid...but I stayed blind in my loyalty to an app I’d had for a decade... I bought tix for my daughter and I to see Eighth Grade on a Thursday night. Thursday morning comes, we can’t go, I ask for a refund through the app (Can’t make the show?). The app gives me the standard response: Request received! You should see your refund in 2-3 days. I buy tickets to see the same movie the next day. PRO-TIP: Take a screenshot. I didn’t... A week later, I don’t see my refund. Check the app, which loves to remind you that they do not issue refunds after 2 hours before the start time of the show. Cool. This I already know... I’ve had tickets to movies I’ve not been able to make refunded before. It’s why I use the app. It’s why I pay the ridiculous ‘convenience fee’...For Convenience. I call Fandango Customer Support and wait over 15 minutes to get a rude CSR, who once again, reminds me that they do not issue refunds anytime after 2 hours before the start of the show. I explain that I requested my refund through the app the morning of the movie and was given a response that my money would be refunded... The CSR even double checks that the tickets were not picked up at the theater (they weren’t). “Okay.” says CSR, “I’ll send this up to my superiors and they should be able to get your money refunded.” Lies. 2 days later, I get an an auto-response email stating their refund policy: Please be aware that Fandango does not allow refunds or exchanges to be processed anytime after 2 hours before the start time of the show. I reply to this email with all prior information... ‘Please expect a response within 72 hours.’ That was a week ago. In the past week, I’ve discovered many other theater apps. My favorite so far is Atom, which reminds me of a young, pre-Comcast Fandango. Also, all of the theatre companies have their own apps and reward systems. I didn’t know! LONG story short: Fandango steals your money and wastes your time in multiple ways. It’s become OLD TECH... Also, we saw Eighth Grade. It was awkward and honest and a great film!


The app was nice and easy. However the extra fee you charge to purchase tickets is to high. We won’t be purchasing here again.

So easy to use

I love this app ! So easy to use , never has any issues. Also all the perks are great too!

Amazing movie

Super funny really cute I enjoyed it a lot

Convenience fee?

Too much


Easy to use

Useless app

This app doesn’t allow you to buy tickets to some of the largest theaters in North Houston. What’s the point? Either list all of the theaters, especially the big ones, or don’t represent yourself as “the go to app,” to use. I think they bought Flixster so I’m sure it’s equally useless.

Credit card

It was not obvious how to update my credit card info or enter a new card as payment method. Had to get all the way through to payment versus seeing something like “add payment method” earlier in the process. ... and don’t make me create nickname just to give you feedback!

Great app

Love it!

Super easy

Big love

My #1 go to app. I always use this app every time I go to the movies.

This is THE app I ALWAYS use for my theatre information, reviews, tickets etc. I have deleted all others. I buy my tickets through this app also. Always dependable. Love it!!!

Five stars!

Love Fandango app I always use it couldn’t be more happy user-friendly and love how I can add my tickets to my wallet and add an event on my calendar to get a alert before the show starts.

I LiKe

Fast and convenient, I haven’t used or earned points yet but I think I’m going to get some use out of this app :)


Did not know there was a convenience charge for buying tickets ahead of time online. Wow...

Do easy!

I love being able to purchase my tickets ahead of time. This app is easy to use and gives me all the info I need.

Movie Time, Y’all!!!

This is the best app ever! My gf and I always use it! Guys, Tuesday’s are the best days for movies! Half price!

Slender Man

I thought Boogeyman would go down as the worst movie I’ve ever seen in my life. Then in 2018 Slender man takes it up another notch smh. Should change the title to “Great movie to catch up on your sleep too”

Going to the movies with Ease...

Fantastic and great easy to use process. Mahalo

Sold me fake tickets

Got to the ticket counter and found out the tickets were not valid then had to wait in line at the box office to show them my credit card receipt just to get my tickets and then fandango would not even refund the “conveyance ” fee Thanks fandango couldn’t do it with out you

Great platform

Super nice platform navigation!

Fandango Is The Goat

I literally like going to the movies way more then before just because I get use the Fandango App.



Easy way

It awesome and faster

Unsatified Customer

I purchased my tickets with Fandango but was not able to receive the VIP discount for purchasing 2 tickets because when I log in it kept saying my account info did not match. I changed my password and it still said the same thing. I feel I should be credited for my 2 tickets, if not I’m canceling my account because it’s not beneficial to me.

Fandango review

It’s well worth the convenience fee to use fandango U get it back thru the rewards program Only way to buy tickets!!!

Confusing connection to PayPal

Originally using Flixster to a fandango the connection was not smooth especially when trying to pay. Then went directly to Fandango and was able to pay but still was a little confusing when using PayPal as payment method. The interface between each app was choppy and requires multiple sign-Ins. All in all I was able to finally pay but I think my original purchase from Flixster is still locked because the link to PayPal didn’t work

Convenience Fee? Ridiculous.

The “convenience fee” is the same price as a movie ticket. So I have to pay enough for an additional ticket just for the “convenience” of buying them on my phone? That’s bull. I won’t use the app anymore.

Easy App

Easy to sign up for and easy, fast service!

Information dissonance

I simply cannot convey how irritating it is that every time i click to get additional information on ONE movie, a trailer about ANOTHER pops up. EVERY time



Nice but, redeems your points without

It is a nice app for the most part but, until I found out they redeem your points for you and attach a expiration date on it. That’s pretty low

Need to switch theater location and of course

No such website availability

Easy as 123

I love this app.

My Fandango

Super easy to use and I love that I won’t have to stand in line!

Gift card

Nice way to go to movies. Gift card tiny numbers. Maybe needs improvement to use soon cause takes a while to input everything!


Doesn’t give you a list of ALL movies playing especially Christian movies. !!

QR code

It doesn’t tell you what to do or how to retrieve the QR code 😫

Love using easy!!!

Greatest app!

Dislike the limited use of promo codes

I love Fandango however I HATE that you can’t use as many promo codes as you want to complete a purchase. If I have 4 promo codes to use to pay for 3 seats, then I should be allowed to use them. They’re mine and are physically owned by me; LET ME USE THEM FANDANGO! Change policy or setup or whatever it is😒... One: Your direction to the (what was suppose to be a hyperlink) website did not work and Two: you could have said that in your response. Stop being lazy...

Awesome 👏 👏👏

The app is now working better. Thank you for the help. 😁😁👍👍

Unable to open a Fandango Acct

I have tried numerous tiles and dates to open a Fandango Acct. once I create a new account and password I try to use it and it NEVER WORKS

Quick and easy

Very quick and easy process

Ok, convenient - but needs improvement

Would rate higher if you cloud apply Regal Crown Club points to purchase.


Absolutely awesome, can pay and pick seats from my bed.

Great app

Very easy to use and so convenient


Very convenient Very simple to use Very expensive too The free rewards are small movie posters that cost more in shipping then they do at a department store Very shady

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