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Goodbye Fandango

Saying goodbye to Fandango because it no longer supports my seven-year-old iPad. I can do without it.



So Easy

I got reserved tickets with great price and view.

Fix your sign-up process

The app is actually terrific, seamless ... until you get to the sign-up process. Then it is impossible. It tried to set up an account. The app told me I already had one — but there was no “reset password” option in the app. I had to leave the app to open a browser to try to reset my password. The browser told me I had no username associated with my e-mail. Finally I just checked out as a guest. The app was so good I wanted to create an account, I just literally couldn’t.


I like it, easy

Everything is great but the constant login/logout

Everything is great about the app except the constant login/logout issues. It asked me to sign in to my vip account (which I always mark as Stay signed in). Fine, signed in. Immediately get a message I’ve been signed out. Had to sign in four times to purchase my tickets.

Can't use the app!

I would rate this app higher but since this last update of it, I cannot view it on my iPad! I have an older version iPad which will not upgrade to iOS 10, which means I can no longer use the Fandango app. They need to fix that!! So frustrated!


Boom! 👊🏼

I live in Seattle...

I live in Seattle area and all I can say is this app does what it needs to do: -checking movie times -buying tickets -extra feature discounts for those who want to be a V.I.P member (which, I am) Great way to make plans with friends

Love me some fandango

Super convenient to use!


Easy to use, simple, to the point. This app is perfect for someone who doesn’t like the “fluff” of most apps.


Great app

Issues with buying tickets

The app always has an internal error. When I use the “complete my purchase” button I always get an internal error. It used to work. What is going on.


I don’t understand how to play this game

Customer Response Time

The wait time to chat with Customer Service is unacceptable.


Love it every time

Super EZ to use

Wow, this app is great. So easy and can link to other apps in my phone. Love it!


But would not take fandango or regal gift cards and convenience fee seems high.

Yay! Apple Pay

That was easy. Thanks Fandango.

Quick and Easy

Fandango is quick and easy for ordering my ticket(s) at anytime. I haven’t had any problems thus far.

Great service

Great app for movie purchases and never have any issues with this app

$4.50 convenience fee?? Free Poster... for $7.95??

Your convenience fee is trash. What... you think I’m not going to buy your popcorn because I have electronic tickets?? The “free” poster cost more in shipping than what it cost to by it at Walmart. My advise as if you care is drop the “convenience fee” down to zero for reserving tickets ahead of time THEN just sell the posters at the theater $8 and save us the bs. Thanks,

Fandango fun

I love this app. So easy and quick. 😁

Show time!

This app is easy to use, helpful, and allows me to purchase tickets ahead of time fast and skip the lines. It’s great! #fandangofan

Movie time

This app makes it quick and easy to order tickets and not have to stand in line

Nice and convenient

Nice and convenient Although the app is slow when picking seats and the $2.00 charge is too much. Wish it where cheaper why charge to use technology when we are putting people out of work. IJS

Great App!!!!!

Love it

No stubs?

Wouldn’t let me add stubs to waive convenience fee

Works great most of the time

I use fandango a lot. I’ve only experienced a few errors out of a dozen uses. Download it and skip the ticket line.

What’s not to like

The app is easy to use to purchase tickets; Earn points with each purchase with the VIP account! Plus you can get a credit with ease if can’t make the show.


Please stop asking if I want notifications, I’ll never want that.

Convenience fee

Love everything about fandango except the fee is to high!!!


Very easy to use and super convenient


Tied for first with infinity war for best superhero movie ever 👍

Great app! Easy to pick a seat & purchase!

Great app! It was easy to find a theater, pick my exact seat and purchase a ticket! I will definitely use this app again. JJW.


Such a great and easy app to use for all my movie ticket needs!!


It awesome!!

Love it!

I love this app!

Love it!

Works every time


Why can’t I pick my seats? 😞


App is user friendly. Has Apple Pay, which makes check out fast and easy.

5 Star

Easy process


Finally an app that is easy to use and actually works. Use it every time I go to the movies. $$$

A joy to have!

Movies are what make my life complete! Fandango lets me refund my tickets without any issues and split the bill if I’m going with friends. This is my go to app!


Was easy


I just want to go to a movie and buy tickets. This way is a pain. Seats go too fast and you can never see a movie.


I’ve found purchasing on fandango eliminates the lines and hassle going to movies. All we need now is a preorder of foods, a speed line for pickups and it’ll completely remove the inconvenience of movies.


Super easy to get tickets. Not a fan of the convenient fee but still appreciate the ease of the app.

Sweet app

Convenient, wish more theaters used this


Apparently because I don't want to update my iOS now I can't use this app. The app was fine, but not worth updating iOS to keep it. There are better movie apps out there thanks for making it easy for me to leave

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